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About Our Service

We offer the most effective, affordable and professional pet transportation alternative in Tokyo.

To provide safe, reliable and stress-free transportation for your pets to and from appointments, the kennel or the airport (and more) and give you peace of mind.

Our staff can pick up your pet, take them to their appointment, and bring them home when they are done. Please contact the following e-mail address is estimate inquiry.Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments, we are always glad to here from you.

For example
Narita AirPort to Haneda AirPort
22,300yen (Highway fee 2,300yen is included)

Narita AirPort to Yokohama area
25,790yen (Highway fee 2,790yen included)

Haneda AirPort to Tokyo Minato-ku Area 6,550yen
(Highway fee Incl)

Haneda AirPort to Tokyo Setagaya-ku Area 7,500yen
(Highway fee Incl)

Haneda AirPort to Yokohama area
8,830yen (Highway fee etc incl)

*The exact price depends on the distance.
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 Yakodoghouse (Pet Taxi)
Hours :AM08:30〜PM18:00
(Please contact us for other than operating time)
Regular holiday :Regular holiday undecided

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