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Pet Taxi is the purpose and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Department of Motor Vehicles notification already of cargo tranportation industry to be dedicated to be mailed a pet. (transportation industry number  acquired) . Pet  transport pet by standard cargo light vehicle Conditions of Carriage based on truck transportation business Enforcement Regulations, pets will be cargo handling. It is not available for the purpose of simply move owners like only.

Considerations when pet taxi

Basically owners like be happy riding as attendant of pet,and pet behavior and health management is all is the responsibility of owner. (attendant other people are free of charge)

Driver performs opening and closing of door. Please perform ride of pet and getting off to attendant other people for safety.

The car will be taken as non smoking in order to keep a clean environment.

Boarding of dangerous pets and dirty pets will be refused.

If you want to move a long distance, please consult your veterinarian in advance.

I will basically me put in a dedicated gauge or carry bag ,because it has excellent safety and such as below if you want to transfers of only pet.

1.Less injury pet even if emergency.

2.There is no worry to protrude or even open the window..

3.Do not give unnecessary stress to the dog is not going to frequently toilet by not move the dog in the gauge..

 You submit a copy of already rabies vaccinations when yu get the application.

Please do not give food and water for 1-2 hours of ride. Please finish restroom just before departure.

Transport is also available for luggage other than pet.. But it is not possible to transport,such as those against the combustible materials and hazardous materials laws.

Cancellation (free on the day)

(but contact in case you have received a contact before advance reservation time and cancellation after contact departure will be charged a penalty of 3,000 yen.

Our responsibility and exemption

Security contents

For against attendant

   If the person  who was riding in the car has been injured etc, you can receive within the scope of the deposit of    personal reparations insurance.
Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance

For pet

The shop is subscribed to the  transportation insurance” (unbai navigator). You will be applied within the range of compensation of insurance in case the pet in transfer were death by the collision event for fire explosion or transport. But guarantee against  injury will be except.
Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance


It does not respond to the request of the guarantee or alimony if the unlikely event the following accident there is no negligence on our occurred.

1. Not guaranteed of death ,escape,injury caused by transport.

2. Our shop is not responsible for damage to the accident was a victim in the pet found to be due to the  cause of  the third party.

3. Not guaranteed for death caused due to a change in the stress and shock environment due to transport.

4. Pick up during or transfers after the end of the pet of onset or death.

Reservations specified time

We will be our best to be able to service in a specified time at the time of booking.    But.there are cases where the cause due to the failure accident on the day of road conditions car is not in time to the specified time.It does not respond to the claim of the case of fare discount guarantee alimony.

Refusal of recipient

I will should return the pet if the recipient has refused to accept the pet to client of original..

Payment of fee

Utilization rates will be settled in cash after the pet transportation.

In the case of only transfers the pet will pay the estimated amount after the pet transportation.

Use fee will be charged the amount of money that  i am allowed to quote.However you will be charged the amount of money,including an additional amount if such extension midnight premium ,separately actual cost ,burden cost expenses of the path of change waiting time due to the circumstances of the customer has occurred

When available. you are requested to use on the check consent the above notes.

When available, you are requested to sign a consent form.
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